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An individual cooking workshop to choose from from the workshop calendar that is published every month on the website.

"Scolinary" is the largest and most invested cooking and baking workshop complex in the north, located at the entrance to Kibbutz Yagur at the foot of Mount Carmel.

In the complex there are several classrooms designed in the style of cooking shows from reality, and through the glass wall of the classrooms you can see the olive grove against the background of the green mountain. The classrooms are equipped with professional equipment and the instructors are experienced chefs with excellent training skills.

The complex also has a cozy seating area on the outdoor patio, a cafe and a shop for professional equipment and raw materials.

Our complex is licensed for activity from the authorities' point of view - we have a kosher certificate in meat and dairy, a business license and an extended insurance policy.

You can join the courses that are open to the general public according to the schedule published on the Facebook page or we will tailor a special workshop for friends / staff / family according to what you decide and at the time you choose.

Individual cooking workshop in culinary cooking and baking workshops in Yagur

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