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Double spa treatment in a double room for  60 minutes including hot and cold drinks, Japanese bathrobes, towel, slippers and showers

Tomoko is a spa in the center of the country with a prestigious Japanese character that combines an experience of treatments based on Japanese alternative medicine, the world of body treatments and East Asian care with modern Western treatment methods.

The place is decorated as usual in the spas located in Japan, including caressing music playing in the background, soothing lighting and other authentic design elements. Combining the atmosphere with the various types of treatments will make your stay at the spa a refreshing, liberating and unforgettable experience.

At Tomoko, a spa in the center with over a decade of experience, you will find a team of experienced and qualified therapists who undergo additional professional training to learn the secrets of medicine and Japanese treatments aimed at balancing the body and mind.

Double massage Spa Tomoko Herzliya

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  • Tomoko Spa Herzliya, 099552365

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